Holiday Style Guide 2020

Updated: Feb 12

Your guide to surviving the holidays with less stress and better memories.

This year, celebrations are looking a bit different. Perhaps no office parties. Perhaps gifts are mailed. But the fact remains, the holidays are stressful, and this year is an especially good time to finding ways to make everything merrier. So in the spirit of the season, here are a few dos and don'ts for your holiday style.

If you don't know your style already, you can answer a few questions and find out here.

Jingle-Bell Achievers

Achievers, you goal is making everything perfect. Food, lights and decorations must all be done "just so", probably leaving you with a lot of to-dos on your list. There is danger of loosing sight of the whole point of the season while focusing too closely on the details of your tasks. Instead, plan to accomplish those goals while still including loved ones.


  • Create schedules with your guests to ensure major milestones aren't missed.

  • Prepare and organize well in advance, and make sure everyone has a task.

  • Be as ambitious with your plans as you can HAPPILY be.


  • Hold anyone to schedules they didn't agree to.

  • Try to do everything alone.

  • Force yourself to meet and expectations, even if they're your own.

Fa-la-la Affirmers

Affirmers are in their element during celebrations. Bringing good spirit and cheer to the holiday season for everyone. But Affirmers must make sure to have their own cheer before giving it away to others. As you begin your seasonal celebrations, think first of your own needs and wants, making sure that you communicate them to those closest to you.


  • Reach out to the people who are important to you this year.

  • Accept invitations that make you feel happy and excited.

  • Ask for what you want and need.


  • Mistake quantity for quality.

  • Overwhelm yourself by accepting too many requests for your energy.

  • Assume "no" is about you.

O'-Come-Ye Asserters

Asserters are always ready to revel in, and run, the most wonderful time of the year. But being in charge all the time can mean missing the simple pleasure of spending time with loved ones. Try taking this time to show how much the people around you mean to you this year.


  • Offer your assistance for the activities of others.

  • Make plans with the people you care about.

  • Express heartfelt feelings to your loved ones.


  • Take responsibility away from others.

  • Expect everyone to follow your lead.

  • Forget the importance of the people around you.

And, as always, Ascendry is here to support you before, during, and after the holiday season. Stay safe and have fun this year!

**Erika Weed is a doctoral candidate at The George Washington University, studying leadership and trying to reconcile the seemingly competing goals of happiness and success, for herself and others.

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