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Azimuth (azəməTH): originates from medieval Arabic word al-sumūt, pronounced as-sumūt in Arabic, meaning "the directions". Azimuth is the horizontal component of a compass direction, measured around the horizon. When used with Altitude, the two coordinates define the position of a celestial body (sun, moon) in the sky as viewed from a particular location at a particular time.

Who We Are

Azimuth is a data research and analytics company, designed with and inspired by storytelling, navigation, charts, art, adventure, exploration, archeology, and creating insight and direction. Our goal is to expand access to data analytics, research, and data-driven decisions for smaller organizations. We help find deeper meaning in data by illuminating latent content and helping organizations navigate in the direction of their goals using first-hand research, cutting-edge data analytics tools, strategic assessments, and hands-on organizational development and support.

Our organizational data analytics process primes new and changing organizations for success by creating systems for effective data collection and analysis, creating cultures of insight and action. Azimuth is the sister organization of Ascendry, and together we offer enterprise data analytics and development services at every stage of the organizational life cycle.

Data Collection

Azimuth collects and analyzes data that impacts organizations, both inside and out. We help organizations locate, unearth, capture, and understand what factors are impacting the people and profits. The following are the two worlds of data that impact organizations and example factor areas:

Organizational Data

  • HR On-boarding

  • Employee Feedback and Sentiment 

  • Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Exit Interviews

  • Goal Attainment

  • Culture Mapping

  • Performance Evaluations

Market Data

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Sentiment

  • Brand Impact

  • Market Potential

  • Product Impact


Stories let us share information in a way that creates an emotional connection, helping us to better understand our position in the world. Storytelling makes information more memorable and impactful. We use organizational data to tell important stories, facilitating data-driven decisions that make impactful changes in organizations and markets. Azimuth uses a proprietary data navigation flow, a 6-step process that ranges from full-service to specific data analytics journey points.

Azimuth builds effective systems for research and data analytics within organizations and allows them to understand impactful data, implement positive changes, and create cultures of action.

Research & Data Analysis Impacts

At Azimuth, we are the collectors of data, narrators of stories, guides of exploration, and navigators of the unknown. To achieve our goal of expanding access to data analytics, research, and data-driven decisions for smaller organizations, we put organizations at the center and help them explore their own potential, unearth market opportunities, understand their purpose, and ultimately aid them in reaching their goals. The benefits of organization-centered development are:

  • Strengthen Employee & Organizational Resilience

  • Improve Decision Making

  • Enhance Performance

  • Reduce Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors

  • Improve Team & Leadership Development

  • Understand Employee & Customer Satisfaction

  • Map Organizational Culture

  • Understand Markets

  • Understand Customer Experience

  • Understand Brand Awareness & Impacts

  • Improve Products

  • Proactive & Anticipate Needs

  • Mitigate Risks

  • Improve Service & Innovation

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Service Menu

Market Services

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Post-Event Surveys

  • Market Analysis

  • Market Field Research

  • Market Archival Data Mining

  • Market / Trade Insight Analysis

  • Market Interviews & Focus Groups

  • Customer Sentiment Analysis

  • Market Custom Built Service(s)

Organizational Services

  • Employee Pulse Surveys

  • Organizational Field Research

  • Organizational Cultural Pulse Surveys

  • Ethnographic Research *

  • Onboarding Assessments

  • Onboarding Redesign

  • Exit Interview Assessments

  • Exit Interview Redesign

  • Employee Review Assessments

  • Employee Review Redesign

  • Organizational Business Model Impact Analysis

  • DEI Assessments

  • Organizational Interviews & Focus Groups

  • Organizational Cultural Terrain Mapping

  • Organizational Archival Data Mining

  • Organizational Custom-Built Service(s)

Meet The Team


Dick Loveless Jr., Ed.D.

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President of Analytics

Dr. Dick Loveless Jr. is a professional data collector, analyst, and the owner of Azimuth, a data analysis and organization consulting company. Currently working as a User Experience Researcher in the Hospitality, Beverage, and Tech industries. Dick has also worked in the Mental Health, Event Marketing, Organizational Development, Human Resources, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. 

Dick received his Doctorate in Education: Majoring in Organizational Learning, Leadership and Innovation from Wilmington University in July 2019. He has a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from
Wesley College.


Over the past 10 years, Dick has been able to integrate a diverse collection of experiences with the principles and discipline of research, analytics, storytelling, coaching, and academia, enabling him to explore and operate outside traditional thinking to influence decision making,
financial performance, operational excellence, and people development. He is able to examine operational needs, identify issues, problem solve, and act as a navigational change agent helping organizations realize and reach their goals.


We are the collectors of data, narrators of stories, guides of exploration, and navigators of the unknown.

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