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Client Engagement Agreement

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An Organization in Transition: An Ethnographic Case Study of Structural and Cultural Change

By Dr. Dick Loveless, Ed.D.

Perspective Shifting with the Actualized Leadership Profile

Perspective Shifting with the Actualized Leadership Profile

Hey you! Welcome to our channel! We meet passionate change makers where they are and give them affordable access to a new kind of networking group. If you are ready to be connected with people, resources, tools, and a support team and you can elevate your business, your life, and your career... We are here to help. Please SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already!💕 Today we're joined by Erika Weed discussing The Actualized Leader Profile! Have a looksee and get your own Profile by visiting: 💥 BOOK Some time to Pick Our Founder's Brain 💥 Need someone to meet you where you are and help you through a challenge? That's what she does! 💫 Get YOUR FREE COPY of our Elevation Planning Guide! 💫 🎓ACCESS THE PERSPECTIVE SHIFTER'S HUB🎓 A Networking Group that Provides Resources, Tools and a Support Team that focuses on the elevating your person, your life, and your business. 💖VISIT our Founder's Personal WEBSITE💖 Find us on Instagram: @PerspectiveshiftingOfficial Join our Free Facebook Group: Perspective Shifters: Finding Life Balance and elevating business Check out the Preneur Perspective blog: Thanks for visiting! *Please note if you book a meeting with Stephanie and do not provide 24 hours cancellation notice, there will be no rescheduling offered and no refunds, all bookings are final.* #Perspectiveshifting #StephanieKunkel #leadershipdevelopment #erikaweed #actualizedleadership #psychology #shadowwork #ALP #personalitytest #Personalityprofile #coaching #entrepreneurship #communitysupport #entrepreneurs #freud