Image by Linus Sandvide


Stories let us share information in a way that creates an emotional connection and understand our position in the world. Storytelling makes information memorable and impactful. We analyze data to tell important stories to inform data-driven decisions that make impactful changes in organizations and markets. Azimuth uses the following proprietary data navigation flow, which is a 6-step process that ranges from full-Service to specific data analytics journey points:


Proprietary Data Navigation Flow:

  • Define Objective and Problem

  • Design / Prepare Research and Instruments

  • Sampling and Data Collection (Historical and Archival Data, New Data)

  • Analyze Data

  • Storytelling Results / Useful Output

  • Data-Driven Decision Making / Implementation

With this approach and elements, Azimuth builds effective systems for research and data analytics within organizations and allows them to understand impactful data, implement positive changes, and create cultures of action.