Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Robert Anasch

Data Collection

Azimuth collects and analyzes data that impacts organizations both inside and out. We help organizations locate, unearth, capture, and understand what factors are impacting the people and markets. The following are the two worlds of data that impact organizations and example factor areas:

Organizational Data

  •  HR On-boarding

  • Employee Feedback and Sentiment 

  • Hiring/Firing Rates

  • Employee Attrition Rates

  • Goal Attainment

  • Time Keeping Information

  • Performance Evaluations 

Market Data

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Sentiment

  • Brand Impact
  • Market Potential
  • Product Impact 

Our approach to data collection helps achieve one of our goals of priming new and underdeveloped organizations for success by creating systems for effective data collection and analysis. Helping organizations find deeper meaning in data by illuminating latent content and helping organizations navigate in the direction of their goals.